Strengthen Your Relationship to Change Behavior

Are you stuck in a negative cycle with your kid and no matter what kind of discipline you use - punitive or non-punitive - it seems nothing changes?

Sometimes in our rush to stamp out unacceptable behavior, we unknowingly stamp out our children's ability to see themselves as worthy of change.

It's not that we intentionally want to make them feel bad, but our lack of tolerance can sometimes dictate our discipline strategies, and while punitive force or logic may work in temporarily ending the argument, ultimately we end up creating more negative behavior and disconnection.

If you have ever found yourself in a downward spiral of negative behaviors and see no way out  - then it's time to step back - and look for the gift.

Yes, the gift.

There is always a gift of healing and growth inside any conflict or challenge.

It takes a perspective shift - away from looking at behavior - to one where we solely focus on creating more understanding within our relationships.

When our kids feel heard and like they matter - they are more easily able shift out of negative emotional states and join us in that place of healing.

In this week's TEACHable Moment, I'm going to share with you five tips for strengthening your relationship - so that you can finally start to see those changes in behavior you are longing for.

And I want to hear from you - what's your "fear-story" - what keeps you from making authentic connections with your kids?

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Thank you for reading and watching!

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