Breaking Tradition: When Others Disapprove of Your Parenting

Do you ever face criticism, judgment or downright disapproval of your parenting choices from family members or peers?

Do you ever feel the pressure to conform - or maybe even give in to punitive ways just to avoid an argument or the glaring eyes of others?

Maybe you love the challenge of proving your point, but you dislike being questioned for your beliefs.

Parenting consciously in a world that is slowly awakening to the possibilities of a new paradigm takes a thick skin. Tgis can be difficult considering that many of us choose this path exactly because we are so sensitive.

So how can we protect our choices, and our kids, from the unwanted opinions of others?

It is important to take pride in your decision to parent respectfully and consciously. Without this confidence, you cannot let go of the need for approval and act from your truth.

But HOW do you get past the personal slights, the snide comments or the innuendo and questioning of your parental authority?

I have a few ideas in this TEACHable Moments video. Click below to find out just what it takes to - confidently - break tradition.

After you watch, I'd love to hear from you. Click below to the comments and tell me - how do YOU handle the judgment of others?   

Thank you for reading! 

Talk soon,

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