Annoying Behaviors & Kids Who Fight? Here's How to Keep the Peace

Picture this...

The fire is crackling, the rain is steadily tapping at the windows and I'm folding left-over tissue paper, cleaning up the remains of another holiday-palooza.

The children are joyfully singing in front of the tree, and tattooing each other with face-paint and glitter.
There is no stress, no battling, no blaming or feeling like the kids run the house. Even the dog is quiet.
Isn't this what we all want? 

The simplicity of peace and doing what needs to be done while enjoying the time together. I was full and content. My whole face lit up and I could feel my heart swell with gratitude.
Why can't it always be like this?

I am convinced, more than ever, that the only thing that interrupts our state of peace is the story we hold onto about how it is supposed to go.
I know that because not five minutes later the arguing made its way over and pierced the veil of my "Norman Rockwell" moment.
"I was right! I was right! Ha ha ha ha ha!"

"Moooom, she's bragging!!"

Where did my peace just go? 
I've finally - really - figured it out. After learning from thousands of other parents (and my child), I've been able to pinpoint exactly what determines whether we experience chaos or peaceful cooperation in our homes.

It's probably not what you think.
But first, back to my 'Peace Interrupted' moment.
My peace was not gone. I didn’t need to react or do something to make sure the kids were being respectful, polite, humble or kind.
I didn't need to redirect their behavior or lose my composure.

I didn't need to meddle or make someone the victim.

I only needed to honor the communication. 

If all behavior is a communication, what was this behavior saying?

She's the little one.
Youngest in age.
Smallest in size.
Always last.
She always makes a "big entrance." 

"Sounds like she's excited to get something right," I
matter-of-factly called from the kitchen.
"Yeah, I’m never right!" the little one declared. "I got this right for once."
And, there it was - the need to be recognized and worthy was met. No more bragging. No peace interrupted.
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I could have gone on and on (and on and on) about a lesson in humility or I could have entangled my own self-worth and ideas about what is right, fair and just. I could have labeled the behavior or withdrawn my assistance and told them to deal with it on their own.

So many of those choices would have led me down a path of chaos, defensiveness and righteous indignation. 

Instead, I chose to listen, reflect and share guidance. 

What do you think? Do you feel like you meddle in kid-matters too much? How do you keep the peace? Share your thoughts in the comments. 

Thanks so much for reading! Have a beautiful week.


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