5 Proven Ways to Encourage Responsible Behavior in Your Kids

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"How can I be sure that I am encouraging responsible behavior in my children and not letting them "get away with things." - Tina, Mom of 3

This is a common and natural fear most parents have at one time or another.  

As kids grow past the preschool years, we typically expect them to display better behavior and more responsible actions.

However, what about those kids who don't seem to move past the meltdowns, or can't seem to stop and think before they act?

What's missing?

How is it possible to parent your children the same, and yet, have one who seems emotionally mature and on target, and another who appears to be stuck in juvenile behavior, unable to control his or her impulses?

How you approach the problem (and speak about it) contributes as much to the outcome as how you well your children are able to shift and wind down from a state of overdrive.

As kids get older and we expect more from them, it gets harder not to impose "logical consequences" for failing to follow the rules.

However, focusing only on the change you want, and applying pressure instead of focusing on the situation as it stands NOW will not serve you or your child.

This kind of feedback teaches children the problem is their inability to change, and they can only intuit that to mean ONE THING - "they are the problem."

In this video, I'm sharing 5 proven ways to encourage responsible behavior in kids without blame, shame, judgment, or guilt.

These communication ideas will help you investigate the root causes and promote growth in your older kids (ages 6+
) without sacrificing your relationship or your limits. (Click here for communication essentials with young children.)

http://http://ctt.ec/4LWsrGrowth is not a matter of discipline - but accepting a child's rate of development. (TWEET IT!)

I'd love to hear what you think - so after you watch, leave me a comment and share your ideas for today's challenge!

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