5 Tips For Dealing With Your Child's Stress

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"But Lori, she looked me right in the eye and did it ANYWAY!"

I can't tell you how many times I've heard this from clients trying to understand their child's behavior. 

Have you ever felt like your child deliberately chose to misbehave or disobey you for NO reason?

It can be maddening to experience behavior that seems to come from out of nowhere. 

One minute you're having a great day and the next, your child is a blubbering mess on the floor or a raging tyrant with her head spinning... kind of like Linda Blair.

Sometimes, kid-stress does not appear to have any obvious, outward signs.

But, the internal conflict that your child may be unable to verbalize is slowly simmering beneath the surface without anyone's awareness.

And then, BAM!

You're hit with an outburst, seemingly unconnected to anything in the present moment, and delivered with such righteousness, it seems consciously calculated. 

Your knee-jerk response to such behavior may be to perceive an assault on your parental authority but then, you'd miss the hidden stress that set-off your child's survival mechanism in the first place.

Negative behavior is purposeful - but not consciously planned nor thought-out in the ways we might think, because it is ruled by the lower brain structures - by the impulse to fight or flee.

So, in today's brand NEW episode of #TEACHable Moments, I'm sharing
5 tips for dealing with your child's stressful behaviors.

It's so important to be a detective and investigate how stress manifests in your kids.

Do they...

shut-down emotionally
become clingy
lose sleep
not eat

act out
twirl their hair or 

suck on their sleeves?
Stress can be protective but when its silent messages go unnoticed, it affects our ability to meet our responsibilities and interact in healthy ways.

So what about you? What kinds of signs do your kids show when they're stressed?  Are they visible or invisible?

I'd love to hear from you, so after you watch - leave me a note in the comments below and share your story - it might just help someone else better understand their child's behavior.

Have a wonderful week!

Talk soon,


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