Life Lessons and Parenting from the Inside Out

These past few weeks have had me surrendering to the final stages of an internal transformation that has been going on for several years.

Sometimes, I feel like I over-share with you and at other times, I feel like I don't share enough about my own personal journey as a parent, human, empath, entrepreneur - all these labels and names I have embodied... or have I allowed them to embody me?

Over the last couple of years, while my outer "persona" and professional life were reaching new heights, my inner emotional world was crumbling.

I felt like a fraud. 

How can I help all these families, when my own was in such turmoil?

How can I be an example of conscious coping and compassion when I was in such rigid resistance to my own feelings about certain aspects of my life?

I realize now that it has all been part of the journey. My most painful experiences have led me to more wisdom than I had before.

├ęs and all.

Crumbling was necessary before I could rebuild my foundation with more self-knowledge and therefore, more
sustainable materials.

My mind thrives on meditation.
My body requires me to be gentle
My soul asks that I choose love.

When everything falls apart, you take notice of your resources. You draw on every last piece of strength you can muster and you carry on.

Falling down is possible - staying down was never a choice.

So here I am, rebuilding. Learning to let go and surrender to the dreams I had and the life I once knew.

My life is changing, but I have prepared myself with the tools I'll need to recreate my life.

It isn't the end. It is only a new beginning. I know I will have many more new beginnings to come.

This week, as I reflect back on this personal transformation, I'm sharing some investigative tools to help you uncover what in your life might need transformation - or at least a little nudge in a new direction.

Parenting is hard.

The final session of my Peaceful Solutions for Parents & Kids series is coming up next week. I am always surprised at how fast eight weeks goes by! 

This class is a complete transformation. 

I am amazed and inspired by the families and their willingness to grow.  We talk a lot about "willingness" in my classes - it's part of the process of opening up to new ways of behaving.

In order to chart our progress and create long-lasting change, we have to recognize where we were and how far we have come.


Self-awareness is a valuable tool.

I close our series with assessing our skills, resources, strengths, needs, habits, practices and patterns to bring clarity to our unique path.

It is different for everyone. 

No two families or individuals will walk away with the same gifts.  

It is a personal path to peace and it never depends on your kids but on your willingness to accept change. 

You don't need to have participated in this series to answer these questions for yourself and gain valuable insights about what needs to change in your life.

How well do you know your child? How about yourself?

I want to hear from YOU! Take the quizzes above and post any a-HA! moments that you encounter in the comments below.

Thank you for reading!

Talk soon,

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