How Do I Get My Kids to Stop Fighting?

It's here! It's finally here! The premiere episode of my Conscious Parenting Q&A - TEACHable Moments

I have been so excited to put this youtube series - where I answer YOUR questions - on the calendar and start delivering you weekly conscious parenting tips, inspiration, and information.

My goal is to keep this short and sweet because we all know parents are short on time. Be sure to subscribe to my page so you can be notified when a new video is released!

Do your kids ever fight? (Just kidding! Of course, they do!)
So which is it? Does the big one pester the little one? Or vice versa? Do you find yourself using "re-direction" or time-outs? 

Rarely, do punitive or distraction methods help children solve problems. It takes a lot of patience and empathy to learn to see things from another point of view.

Do you wonder WHY they just can't get along?
In this TEACHable Moments video, I outline my step-by-step process for how to get your kids to stop fighting.

Conscious parenting provides long-term, sustainable solutions to sibling clashes by helping you connect before you redirect behavior. 

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Thank you so much for watching! Until next time, please remember it's about being conscious - not perfect!

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