How Do I Get My Toddler To Stop Hitting?

oddler problems?

I remember a very stressful time when my daughter was young, and we were planning a cross-country move. 

Not only was it stressful for her dad and me, but she was experiencing the same intense and uncomfortable emotions we were feeling, except she had fewer resources to manage her discomfort.

It was not a fun time. 

I couldn't leave her alone with her friends because she was aggressive and reactive, and hurting other kids. 

Can you say not-a-proud-mama-moment!

As all stages do, it eventually passed. But, not without some much-needed attention and support from me (and her dad).

Is your toddler having trouble controlling his or her impulses?  

Does it affect your relationship with others or lead to challenges at school? 

Lack of self-regulation and impulse control are age-typical and developmentally expected in early childhood. But, if we want to teach our children to cope, problem-solve, and become emotionally responsive adults, it requires more than stern looks and time-outs.

In this TEACHable Moments video, I share my favorite tips for regulating your little people!

After you watch, tell me, have you ever been asked to leave somewhere because of your toddler? How did you react?

I love hearing from you! Post a comment below and let me know what's happening with your toddler?. 

Thank you for reading and watching and please remember, it's about being conscious - not perfect!

Talk soon,

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