Why Kids Talk Back and What To Do About It

Do your kids talk back? Do you have a tween or teen who has become increasingly sassy or smart-mouthed?

Back Talk

How do we teach lessons without shame or blame and still allow our kids to embrace the intensity of their emotions

It is a delicate balance of setting firm boundaries to establish a sense of safety and respect and accepting and allowing for the natural push-back against those boundaries.

As adolescence descends upon kids, they become increasingly emotional and even irrational

An open heart and a willingness to listen is beneficial to your child, your relationship, and your sanity.

Approaching your child with judgment and a closed mind can have devastating effects on the atmosphere of respect that you hope to create.

So, what do you do when the back talk and disrespect become too much to bear?

First, breathe. 


You will have more power to influence change if you approach the situation with mindfulness, leaving behind the fury and anger that may first arise. 

I think it's always reasonable to start shaping behavior, but it's our expectations of obedience and immediate compliance that often lead us to trouble.

In this TEACHable Moments video, I'm sharing a few reasons behind the back-talk that you may not have considered and ideas on how to approach this age-typical behavior with confidence and respectful words.

And now I'd love to hear from you. Has your child reached the age of back-talk? 

Are you triggered into anger? Poised to defend yourself? If not, how do you handle it with compassion? 

Share your story in the comments, and you just might inspire someone else toward the change they were looking for.

Thanks so much for reading, watching, and sharing and please remember, it's about being conscious - not perfect!

Talk soon,


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