Discipline Burnout (Getting Back to Basics)

Do you ever feel burned out? 
Is the stress palpable, and you sense you don't have another ounce of energy to do what needs to be done, so you -



You know that time of year when everyone is aching for a summer break...

You and your kids may be experiencing -

academic anxieties
bedtime battles
chore battles

-  or maybe, you don't even have the gumption to check in with your kids about school or can't be bothered hounding them to do their chores because you just don't want to have to beg, bargain or b***ch about it one more second.
If you feel worn out by challenging behaviors or nagging
responsibilities, take it as your cue to go back to basics -

Return to center.

That's what we are going to do this month in my Getting Back to Basics Series.

In part one of this TEACHable Moments series, I take you inside one of my classes to remind of what you need to focus on to create more tolerance, reduce impulsiveness and develop more compassion and cooperation in your kids.

http://ctt.ec/Vs687What kids need to know most is that YOU are a safe place. (Tweet it!)

So, what qualities of character made it onto your list? What traits do you want to develop in your child? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Writing down the qualities is one step, but living them is ANOTHER story. If you're ready to put your thoughts into action - click here for details about my FREE 10-DAY RETREAT!

Thank you so much for watching and sharing!

Talk soon,


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