5 Things You Should Never Say to a Child With Aspergers

This topic is one that is close to my heart. If you are new to my work, you may not know that when I was 38, I discovered that my quirks, gifts, and more than a few of my struggles were the result of growing up with Aspergers.

I know that you want to help your kids make better decisions. My parents did too, but something was missing.

Lost in translation, you could say.

The sensitivity that is so common in this neurotype is a blessing and a gift that deserves your respect.

However, I also know that the inflexibility, obsession with rituals and routines, and inattention that is par for the course can confuse and worry many parents who think their children will never grow out of those rigid or frustrating behaviors.

Remember, your AS kids are doing the best they can with the skills and resources they have available and, just like any child, their brains will seek patterns that reinforce the messages you are sending.

Tell your child what you see, feel, believe, and need - not just what you THINK. 

Prompt your child to develop skills by rooting for small successes and viewing failures as "practice runs."

In today's TEACHable Moments video, I am sharing the five things you should never say to a child with Aspergers - (or really - ANY child) and some tips for what to say instead (from someone on the spectrum).

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After you watch, I'd love to hear your thoughts about what you think we should NOT say to kids on the spectrum. Leave me a note in the comments and share your ideas.

Thanks so much for watching and please remember, it's about being conscious - not perfect!

Talk soon,

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