More Than Just Aspergers - Part II

Does your child have communication difficulties or have trouble meeting the expectations of others? 
-  or -  
Does your child have trouble relating to peers or ever been called rude, lacking empathy or too sensitive? 

Growing up as an Aspie usually means
that you've heard all of the above.

But, your child doesn't have to be an Aspie to be extra sensitive to the emotions, behavior, tone or language of another person. Stress, big changes or the unknown can send many kids into meltdown mode.

But how do you know when it is real "overwhelm" and not just a child being "difficult."

Is there really a difference?

"Being difficult" is just a judgmental perspective of "feeling overwhelmed," if you ask me.

It is my belief that ALL kids are born as open channels - willing to connect with others and super-sensitive to their environment. After all, that would ensure their survival. 

But this sensitivity has been dismissed as nothing more than an inconvenience or the mark of dependence.  

Denying this sensitivity has led to a push-back from some of our kids who are now showing us that it is time to step-up and educate ourselves about what is really going on in the minds of this growing population of extra-sensitive kids.

So, what better way to do that than to continue the conversation with two Aspies - in PART II of my chat with Asperkids author, Jennifer Cook O'Toole. 

In this new TEACHable Moment we dig into the secret world of kids with Aspergers - the communication mishaps and social blunders - and we share FIVE tips parents and educators can start doing RIGHT NOW to help a child - any child.

Click below to watch Part II of More than Just Aspergers and let's unravel the mystery of the the differently-abled brain.

 Did you miss Part I? Catch it here

Learning that I was on the spectrum was as much of a surprise as it was a relief. I finally had some understanding of my life - all those experiences that no one, including me, had previously been able to understand.  

Even I, as a former educator, was lulled into the stereotypical thinking about Autism. And, I was totally wrong.  

There is a differently ordered brain a work, which is not less than, but belongs to a different kind of thinker. 

Thinking outside-the-box is a gift, it does not have to be a disability!

Sensitive children see details, patterns and concepts that the neurotypical world does not and believe me, they are sensing and communicating MORE than we think. 

I hope you enjoy it!

What have you found helps your child communicate better? Leave me a comment below and share your ideas.   

Thank you for reading!

Talk soon,

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