6 Tips to End Homework Battles

Is homework a struggle in your home? As a child, did you like homework?

I wasn't a huge fan of homework growing up, but homework in my school day was NOTHING like the homework today.

t is way more intense and anxiety-producing for kids today, than it was for me.

I had other challenges - like constant changing of schools. In the eighteen years, I managed to squeeze in ten different alma maters and twelve transitions.

Now, throughout that time my parents probably had to nudge me, here and there, to finish my homework, and, I'm sure it came in the form of a mini-lecture on the importance of education accompanied by the removal of some cherished privilege.

However, those attempts never inspired me to study more, or do better, nor did it instill in me any great motivation to complete my assignments, but in fairness, it wasn't my biggest challenge.

So what do you do when it IS a constant struggle? What do you do w
hen simple requests turn into nagging, which turns into arguing, which culminates in frustration for all?

Is there a way to help kids make peace with homework and maybe even learn to like it a little bit? In this TEACHable Moments video, I'm sharing 6 tips to end homework battles.

So, what do you think? Leave me a note in the comments below and tell me what works to encourage YOUR kids to meet their school responsibilities?

Wishing you a peaceful school year!


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