5 Tips for Effective Communication

Have you ever gone through one of those phases where your child finds fault with everything you do - no matter what?

Or, does it ever seem like every time you say up, your child says down?

Our emotions can unconsciously sway our moods without our permission or awareness. This can leave us feeling vulnerable and anxious long after the situation has passed.

As our kids grow, there will be times when they are testing boundaries, testing our love, and trying to adapt to a fickle set of expectations from the world around them.

They may not always do it with grace or kindness.



As adults, we have so much more experience and social awareness that logical solutions and positive outcomes seem obvious. 

However, children need time to process emotions that are new or scary and they need practice assimilating new experiences and getting comfortable before they can make shifts in their behavior. 
Often, we expect far too much of them - way too early. 

One crucial step to communicating effectively is to stay away from reasoning with your child in an attempt to change their behavior

You don't need to argue your point.

It is important to allow feelings to be fully felt. Wait until the feelings pass and children are feeling ready to connect and reflect with you.

Depending on your relationship dynamic, it may take time before your child feels ready to open up and let you in. As you remain a source of nonjudgmental support, this will become easier for you both. 

In this video, I'm sharing five tips for effective communication to help you stay calm and responsive. 

In the heat of the moment, stay focused on your long-term goals for your child and ask: Will this action move my child towards the skills and qualities I want him/her to have? 

What do you think? I love hearing from you so leave me a note in the comments and let me know how you stay calm in the face of your child's growing pains.

Talk soon,

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