Schools Killing Creativity?

I stumbled upon this thought-provoking video from a TED conference where Sir Ken Robinson addresses the lack of arts and dance in our educational systems around the world. He surmises that schools are actually killing creativity and crushing the natural talents that all children are born with.

I agree that there is a definite hierarchy that is played out among school subjects with math and science leading the charge followed by language arts and the social sciences. Alas, somewhere at the bottom, if there is enough money or interest, there may be a music or arts program but rarely, if ever, will you see education being taught through dance.

Why is that?

Why do schools not support the full use of our bodily talents? Why do we insist on educating our children from the neck up? Parents are battling to ensure admission to top-notch pre-schools because apparently this is now crucial to securing our child's future (or at least a spot on an ivy league admissions list).

But still, the traditional rote pedagogy served up in most schools is no substitute for a real education and Sir Ken explains why. Hats off to TED and Ken for tackling the inadequate reality of modern education and doing it with a dollop of humor! 

Talk soon,

What are your school experiences or ideas to restore a paradigm which supports educating the whole-child? 

Post  your comments below and let me know!

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