What's Unconditional Love Got To Do With It?

I posted this photo on Facebook recently, and someone responded with, "I do not have any awesome traits."

That one hit me.

Growing up in an environment steeped in verbal violence left me with a negative self-image that unconsciously influenced my mood and behavior.

Re-training my brain to love and accept myself unconditionally
began with a choice.

I could choose to burden myself with thoughts of worthlessness or I could choose to love myself in spite of any negative beliefs.

Every day, I make a choice to embrace self-love. It gives me the confidence to stand up for my child when I may otherwise feel judged and it also helps me tolerate other people's behavior. 

Choosing self-love means I can be OK when my child isn't

It also means I am able to finally take a compliment without the knee-jerk reaction to refute or downplay its significance. Just the other day, someone described me as having "pure talent."

Years ago, I would have recoiled at such a notion. Now, humbled as I am, I am also willing to embrace that awesomeness because - I LOVE MYSELF. 

I'm not hiding the real me - not the shadow parts nor the gifts. My sensitivity and intuition are traits I am willing to say YES to - entirely, without reservation because I know they are meaningful.

I hope you take a moment to write down three of your most awesome traits and then recite them daily.

Trust me, it is much easier to have compassion for your kids when you come from a place of loving yourself - unconditionally.

Do you have the support you need?

There is a pretty fantastic group of conscious parents - supporting each other online. You can join us in our "Chaos to Cooperation" Facebook Group. Click HERE to learn how.

Thanks so much for reading and I'd love for you to share your awesomeness in the comments and maybe inspire someone else who isn't feeling so fabulous.

Until next time, remember - it's about being conscious, not perfect!

Talk soon,


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