Teaching Kids Healthy Money Habits

Creating healthy habits around money is something I have as a top priority goal for myself and my child.

However, with my history, I was not aware of just how deeply hidden my beliefs around money were.

I recently joined Kate Northrup's #MoneyLoveChallenge because I wanted to step-up my self-awareness around my financial future. 

But first, Kate had us delve into our past.

The beliefs we have around money have very little to do with what we have in the bank and everything to do with the stories we have created about money based on what we heard growing up.

How can we be sure we are teaching our kids how to understand, use, manage and save their money? Is earning where the learning is or is it how we spend and save that matters?

The lessons are delivered via the messages we send kids about what it takes to survive in the world and manage everyday money matters. 

In this week's TEACHable Moments video, I'm sharing the surprise I had around my first money memory and some ideas for communicating about money in a way that positively influences your child's beliefs.

http://ctt.ec/eak6bMoney has no more power than what we give it. (Tweet it!)

Money is not inherently valuable. 

And yet, it is connected to so much of our ability to live and dream and surfaces in almost every area of our lives.

Still, many of us have a poor relationship with money and some very negative beliefs, but our relationship to money is not unlike our relationship to ourselves.

If we don't tend to it and nurture its potential, we can unconsciously cause unnecessary struggle in our lives.

After you watch, I'd love to hear about your first money memory and how it may have shaped your relationship with your finances.

Share in the comments and tell us how your memories might be helping or hindering your prosperity.

Thanks so much for watching and please remember, it's about being conscious - not perfect!

Tak soon,

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