Making Transitions Tolerable, New Ideas for New People & Places

It's that time of year again (for some of us)!

We are trading in our beach blankets and summer sun for school books and crisp fall days.

Heading back-to-school means homework, rules, transitions, social anxieties, new people and places, and everyone making decisions about how your kids will spend their time (except them)

How will your children handle the changes? 

The weeks leading up to this annual return can reveal hidden despair, anxieties, doubt and worry that can negatively affect your child's resourcefulness and capacity to make a smooth transition.

It's no secret that today's academic experiences are not always accommodating to the individual needs and unique temperaments of children. 

But, that is another conversation for another day. 

Today, as we shift out of the lazy days of summer and back into the scheduled days of school, I am digging into the archives to share my TOP 4 BACK-TO-SCHOOL POSTS.

Whether you and your child are --

- today's Back-to-School compilation of TEACHable Moments will help you ease your child's back-to-school jitters.

Watch now!

Braving the Back-to-School Blues
Braving the Back-to-School Blues
Dealing With the Mean Girls
End Homework Battles
Navigating Punitive School Discipline

I'd love to hear from you about your children's transitions and how you help them manage, so leave me a note in the comments and share your story!

Thank you for reading and please remember, it's about being conscious - not perfect!

Talk soon,

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