4 Tips for Helping Toddlers Who Scream

Toddler conflicts and frustration can cause you to experience a pressure-cooker-like-environment at times and believe me, your kids feel it too!

Toddlers who scream are not a new phenomenon - as anyone who has one knows. But, how often - and how loud - they scream can be impacted by a variety of factors

For one, the emotional energy of your home has a tremendous effect on the way your child's brain deals with incoming stimuli.

Rushing around, constant chatter, noisy racket, hollering, fast-talking...

What's it like in your home?

Are your interactions mostly short, negative, and controlling or are they typically mindful, confident, compassionate, and flexible? 

Check in with your family. 
Be playful and open to creative solutions. Stay connected at the heart level as you maintain safe limits while offering opportunities for your children to express themselves without fear or shame.


Young children are not always able to ask for what they want in clear, calm ways. They are quickly overwhelmed and often release their frustration or discomfort by screaming and sometimes hitting.

Even when language is well-developed, those parts of the brain shut down when we're stressed, and language centers shut down. Even adults find it challenging to express themselves thoughtfully when overwhelmed. 

Your body language and tone can significantly alter the way your child's brain responds to stress. 

Lower yourself and create a connection through a gentle touch or a non-verbal gesture of care. Then, reflect what you see - 

"You're feeling very angry that it is time to leave. You wanted to stay longer.

Children long for our attention and physical connection. 

A warm invitation to share in their experience and an offer of space for them to express their feelings, unhindered by our expectations of behavior, provides the perfect container for their bodies return to a state of rest and recovery. 

Rather than denying your child's emotional surges, watch this TEACHable Moments video - 4 Tips for Helping Toddlers Who Scream - for more ideas to handle this age-typical behavior.

Uncover the meaning behind your own reactions and intolerance. It will be immensely helpful for you during this stage of development when kids are driven by their emotions.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and how you help your kids meet their needs when all they seem to do is scream. 

Share your story in the comments - your experience might be just the inspiration another struggling parent needs to hear.

Thank you for watching and reading!

Talk soon,


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