TEACH through Love 2014 Scholarship Winners

I have people write in almost every week and ask me if there scholarship opportunities for my programs. 

I know it took a ton of courage for everyone who submitted to put themselves out there and share so openly and honestly.

I was honored and humbled (and you made me laugh) by the submissions I received for my FIRST EVER scholarship contest to attend my upcoming parenting series - Conscious Communication - registration opens on Feb 24.

I realize that I have never done something like this before because it is too darn hard to choose or to say NO to anyone! I learned a lot - especially about - what works and what doesn't - in offering this kind of an experience, and I want to thank everyone who took a chance. You stepped outside your comfort zone to ask for what you needed and I'm grateful to have you here.
The 2014 TEACH through Love Scholarship recipients are below. If your name is listed, please e-mail classes@teach-through-love.com and I will send you the details you need to join us.

Joy Blake
Jarred & Andrea Vermillion

I can't wait to connect!



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