4 Tips for Helping Your Child Fall Asleep

When I ask my clients to list their top 3 challenges, bedtime usually ranks on the list. We talk about sleep troubles in my classes, but I rarely speak about sleep in blog posts.

I think the expectations and rules around sleep are extremely personal choices (not to mention hotly debated), and it would be unfair of me to comment on an individual family's challenges without intimately knowing the child and the environment.

One thing is for sure - sleep is necessary. We might hide our dark circles behind sunglasses or make-up but our brains know. We can't function without good sleep. 

You also can't make someone go to sleep when they don't feel tired, but you can help your kids create healthy sleep habits.

In this TEACHable Moments episode, I'm sharing four tips for helping your children (age 3+) fall asleep by addressing root causes of sleep issues rather than setting up behavioral controls to "make them go to sleep."

Tweet: We're always more receptive others when we feel we have been heard & considered. @TEACHthruLove  http://bit.ly/1ePIa8B #TEACHableMomentsDevelopment happens when we support kids through frustration not protect them from frustration. via @TEACHthruLove (TWEET IT!)

I can't cover it all in this short video, so I'd love for you to share your gentle, non-punitive sleep suggestions in the comments. You just might help someone else in need.

Thanks so much for watching and have a great week!

Talk soon,

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