35 Days of Gratitude

It's Thanksgiving Week in the US and even as the non-stop ads for Black Friday roll across my screen - reminding me that I should prepare to start shopping on Thanksgiving... I am reminding myself to return to gratitude to balance myself during this frenzied time of year.

Plus, I'm not a shopper. Shopping stresses me out. 

I find it tedious, and I'm anxious until the shopping mission is complete. Besides, I am certainly not leaving a holiday meal and a nice glass of Malbec for 50% of an HDTV. (Don't tell anyone but the [one] box TV I own and my laptop really do satisfy all my entertainment needs.) 

I'm not immune to nice things, though.  I like to have good and give good and receive good just as much as the next person, but even more than giving or getting - it is the feeling of gratitude that fills me with a sense of joy and contentedness.

And it is gratitude that I sometimes find myself going without. Caught up in doing, doing, doing and not stopping long enough to BE and appreciate.

So that is what I am going to do for the remainder of this year with 35 days of Gratitude.

I'm taking a small break in shooting just to BE and reflect on what I am grateful for as this year winds down, but with 35+ videos - some are definitely worth repeating.

We have a few more brand new TEACHable Moments scheduled, including some special guests, and in between I'll be bringing you fan favorites from this past season! 

So, in keeping with the theme, today's episode of TEACHable Moments is about gratitude.

Feeling gratitude is a daily practice shown to improve health and well-being. Expressing gratitude can be a skill that takes time to master.

As we head into this holiday season, you might be spending more time with family, maybe exchanging gifts and certainly sharing expressions of love and appreciation for one another.

But, if you are the parent of a young child or a child with social difficulties, who isn't as skilled or as able to "see it from another perspective," you may be feeling more anxious about this time of year when family expectations can be high. 

Others may regularly want to intrude on your kid's personal space (hugs and kisses) or expect certain behaviors or compliance, and that may leave you feeling frustrated or impatient with your family AND your kids.

However, you don't have to prove your parenting, over-explain or ignore your child's need for some skill practice.

There is a way to respectfully and confidently help your child when s/he can't meet the social expectations and in this TEACHable Moment video, we are going to re-visit some ideas for what to do, so you don't offend the grandparents. :)

To begin this appreciation transformation in my own life, I am going to return to keeping a daily gratitude journal, and I invite you to do it along with me and post your insights, inspirations or revelations along the way in the comments below so we can inspire and remind each other.

I will start my list of things that I am grateful for right here - with you.

Today, I am grateful for you and your contribution to my community - a community which has grown to over 28,000. Thank you for not being afraid to take this message into the world - into your life and your community.  

You and I are creating massive change.  It's not easy staying nonjudgmental in a world that seems to run on obedience and fear. You should be super proud of yourself, and I am humbled by your support.  

Thanks so much for being you!

Talk soon

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