Not My Nanny!

God love the Supernanny! She has brought a palliative calm to many American families. Gliding in on her broom to deliver copious amounts of British charm and disciplined doses of the naughty mat.

But is her strict regimen of punishments and rewards a true recipe for family success?

Unfortunately, this mama thinks not! 

Many of today's reality based parenting shows try and reach out with authoritative hand to the scores of desperate parents in chaotic households all over America and I contend that the while their aim is high, the target is missed.

The dominant- power based parenting paradigm, a blend of parenting techniques based mostly on the behaviorist view of child development is utilized by all of the major parenting shows despite the fact that the concepts are now viewed as overly narrow by most child development experts.

This approach focuses on the child's behavior and emphasizes the value of discipline and control as the predominate means of parenting.

The needs of parents have shifted. Consciousness is changing and parents are seeking new ways of interacting with their children. 

No longer do we wish to parent the way our parents did. 

We’re also finding that techniques such as time-outs and reward charts are only marginally effective and studies have shown that they are actually detrimental to the later motivation and self-esteem of children.

Though proven to be damaging to a child's emotional well-being, the Old Parenting Paradigm is still well-entrenched in the mind of today's parent and gobbled up by the TV masses, not for its ability to heal familial angst but for lack of a better alternative.

We deserve a TV show that restores love, respect and problem-solving to the discipline equation and offers parents a chance to connect with and enjoy their children without having to resort to behavior modification or rules like, “If you do this… then you can have that.”

We need to erase the old parenting paradigm structures from the eager minds of America's parents, not reinforce outdated thinking with wit and advertising.

I believe a show that seeks to replace the old paradigm with a new understanding of children can dramatically affect the relationships within today's families.

We need to learn how to remove the barriers to emotional connection and respect that were created through the use of punishments, carrot and stick type reward systems and methods of love-withdrawal, including time-outs.

Promoting non-violent communication is the key to unruly children, not slapping them with charts and stickers or harsher consequences. 

We must recognize that they are more than the sum total of their behavior. They are gentle souls who are demanding (LOUDLY) that we respect them.

Parents today are more aware of the emotional connection to their children and are demanding better alternatives. 

Today's children do not need "more rules, harsher consequences" or "loaded praise and rewards" and parents do not need to "take control."

What is needed is a clear and gentle readjustment of society's attitude towards parenting and children and a commitment to raise the awareness of conscious parenting and emotional abuse in homes all over America.

Where is that show for progressive parents, for those looking beyond traditional solutions to their parenting woes? 

We are not living in the world of our parents so there is no good reason to rely on the parenting styles employed by them.

Stay tuned… 

Talk soon,

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