What Really Matters

The best laid plans...

I am learning to remember the importance of being flexible and staying present, more and more every day as I get older. 

Honestly, I feel a great sense of NOW or NEVER. 
Maybe it is because I am counting down to 40 this year or maybe it is because I am watching my daughter grow up right before my eyes, assimilating my thoughts, beliefs and behaviors, making assumptions about life and love and forming her own beliefs based on how she sees what, how and who I am

But, I feel like it is the time to make real lasting sustainable changes in my life, and in my relationships as I continue to strive to be nothing less than authentic and true to myself. 

And never have I been reminded of that more than when I woke up on Monday morning to a friend's tragic loss. When they say that you never know what you have until it is gone... it's true.  

And so now... I'm all done. 

All done living as if there is anything more important than 

"how much I loved, 
how gently I lived, and how 
gracefully I let go of things 
not meant for me."

I had planned an entirely different episode for today's TEACHable Moment, but when life says STOP. You stop.
You look around and gain perspective.

That's what I did.  

Our children are not here to be minded and managed, they are there to be loved up so they can grow up to participate fully in their lives.  

How easily we can let life get in the way of that.

Today's TEACHable Moment is in loving memory of a courageous woman who has inspired me to remember what really matters.

And if you have been moved by love and loss, leave me a comment. I'd love to hear how you have been affected.

Have a great week and thank you so much for watching!


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