1440 Challenge - Building Empathy, Authenticity, Trust & Self-Awareness

TEACH through Love

Our children are sending us a message. When will we listen?

Post your comments and let me know your BEST ideas for promoting empathy, trust, self-awareness & authenticity in your community!

The TEACH through Love Virtual Academy will foster connections locally and online by offering a Web University for the Parenting and Education of Children. A clearinghouse of resources for support and education with free videos and online courses. A Lifetime Membership option gives access to videos and documentaries and creates user-defined, relevant support systems for families and educators from the convenience of home.

Little to no family support and fragmented communities are commonplace. Lack of support is the number one reason most parents give up on gentle, conscious discipline and fail to realize the healthy benefits of creating strong attachments.

Virtual support chats, web classrooms and posted "teacher office hours" with contributing members and guest facilitators will build a platform for disseminating conscious tools and information and the means to strengthen the fabric of our families, schools and communities.

Providing content that is current, relevant and entertaining 
to educate and inspire parents, teachers and caregivers is the #1 goal.

What do you think of a TEACH TV channel for Parenting & Education? Post your comments below!

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