Persuasion through Love

This is how a sixteen-year-old FLDS member described the method of parenting used at El Dorado Texas compound, when questioned by Oprah - wait Oprah? Yes, Oprah.

Anyway, Oprah seemed surprised to learn that the children were not "disciplined" with spankings, rods, or corporal punishment of any kind.

I guess it's a fair assumption that biblical followers do not spare the rod, then again I don't know if the Amish hit their kids, but I digress.

The circle of girls with the bouffant 'dos giggled at Oprah's exaggerated look of shock and then a sweet-mannered, rosy cheeked teen clarified the experience for her, "its persuasion through love," she announced. Oprah was stunned.

Now that's a parenting style I can get behind. Okay maybe persuasion isn't the best word, it's sort of like coercion through love but at least it's LOVE, people! It's a step in the right direction. Let the record state that while I don't exactly like the word persuasion - it's a helluva lot better than "beat" which is what way too many parents are resorting to lately.

Considering my fascination with cults of any kind and the damaging psychological impact of culty behavior on children, I never thought I'd promote another religious extreme and their parenting ethic - but hey, at least they're protecting the brain growth of their children. They're actually helping make the connections that will lead to later brain functioning like logic and reasoning, things I suspect they would do well to have.

So for all you anti-polygamy types, the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (shouldn't they really be called the FCJCLDS?) may be a cult by definition and have some questionable hair practices but at least they're nice to their kids! Warmly,

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